More Social Workers Hired at Private Companies

Posted by | August 25, 2015 | Job Seeking Tips, Job Training & Educatation

Social work has evolved from a profession focusing on people living in poverty to one associated with governmental programming to one offering counseling and health-related services in nonprofit and private-practice settings. But now there is a new emerging trend: Social workers are moving into corporate America.

This a good thing and get ready to see more of it. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects nearly a 20 percent growth in social work jobs by 2022, with many of them in the private sector outside of what used to be the “normal” social worker’s environment.

Today’s worker expects corporations to be socially responsible. People are no longer just looking for a product or service, they also pay attention to how companies contribute to the greater good in society and in their employees’ lives. Communities expect corporations to give back in some way, and thus corporate social responsibility helps companies be successful.
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