Study Finds Accepting a Job Below Your Skill Level Can Affect Future Career Prospects

Posted by | March 30, 2016 | Job Market & Employment Rates, Job Seeking Tips, Job Training & Educatation

A recent study titled “Penalized or Protected? Gender and the Consequences of Nonstandard and Mismatched Employment Histories” conducted by UT Austin sociologist David Pedulla found that about 5 percent of men and women working below their skill level received an employer “callback,” or positive employer response. This response rate was half the callback rate for workers in full-time jobs at their skill level.

“The study offers compelling evidence that taking a job below one’s skill level is quite penalizing, regardless of one’s gender. Additionally, part-time work severely hurts the job prospects of men,” Pedulla said. “These findings raise important additional questions about why employers are less likely to hire workers with these employment histories.”

Read the full article on UT News.

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